Your brief and helpful guide to wisdom tooth extraction
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Everybody does not need to have their wisdom tooth extracted whereas some people have to undergo the procedure. Why does this happen? When your third molar erupts in the correct position no extraction procedure is required whereas when your wisdom tooth is impacted you have to go for the extraction procedure. When someone has to get a wisdom tooth extracted it usually indicates there is no sufficient space inside the individual’s mouth to accommodate the third molar. But extraction could also result from the circumstance that the wisdom tooth brings damage to the neighboring teeth or the jawbone.

Before extracting the wisdom tooth of any patient dentists take a digital x-ray of the inside of the mouth. If the x-ray ensures extraction is the best possible solution only then the erupting tooth is extracted away through invasive dental procedure. When the third molar is extracted from your mouth you can be rest assured that there will not be any tooth replacement procedure that you have to undergo. However, it is crucial that you stay careful and cautious about your mouth after the extraction procedure. This is important to avoid a tooth infection.

In the following sections of the blog post let us now explore few common symptoms that confirm an infection is developing at the site of extraction.

Signs and symptoms of infection at the wisdom tooth site after its removal

  • You find swallowing food difficult
  • You suddenly develop a breathing problem
  • The gum tissues surrounding the extraction site start swelling
  • There is no stop in bleeding from the surgical site
  • The emptied socket of the removed tooth is developing puss
  • You suddenly develop bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth that does not clear away even after gargle or a saltwater rinse
  • Simply opening and closing the mouth proves difficult and painful
  • The pain in your mouth will not cease away even after taking the medicines prescribed by your dentist
  • You feel numb at the surgical site even 24 hours after the extraction
  • You suddenly suffer from high temperature and fever within a week after the tooth removal procedure
  • Blood or puss is coming out of your nasal cavity

If you ever come across any of the symptoms following wisdom tooth removal you must contact your dentist immediately. A highly trained dentist with years of experience in wisdom tooth extraction in London suggests none of the symptoms mentioned above is to be taken lightly. If the symptoms are not cared for and left ignored you may develop other complications related to your oral health almost in no time.

Caring for the mouth after extraction of the wisdom tooth

It is utmost important to care for yourself immediately following any surgical procedure. Right after your wisdom tooth is extracted by dentist you should excuse yourself from everything and go home to take rest. Your body – right after the wisdom tooth is removed – needs rest more than anything else.  Rest recovers you faster and ensures you get back to your normal routine faster. Usually it takes about 72 hours to achieve optimal recovery.

During this recovery stage it is important to avoid any strenuous physical activity. At this stage you have to stay careful not to increase your blood pressure. In that case the surgical wound in the mouth may open up again and cause bleeding. Eat and drink anything cold during this 72-hour period following the wisdom tooth extraction. This will encourage the formation of blood clot and heal the wound faster. The earlier blood starts clotting the higher is your chances of avoiding infection resulting from extraction of the wisdom tooth.

Last but nevertheless the least, extraction of the wisdom tooth is a very common procedure these days. Therefore there is nothing to be anxious about. Just listen to and follow the instructions of your dentist carefully to ensure faster and seamless healing of the surgical wound in the mouth.

How does the wisdom tooth get infected?

According to dentists there are lots of reasons behind an infected wisdom tooth. Usuallyan impacted wisdom tooth does not erupt normally through the gum tissues. It may erupt partially and in worse case scenarios it may erupt at an angle. An impacted wisdom tooth may also develop totally sideways. A partially impacted wisdom tooth is more prone to undergo decay because of its unnatural shape and angle. As a result it is more likely to pick up infection. Thus an infected wisdom tooth develops cavity. 

Various types of harmful bacteria are present in the mouth. Even these bacteria could be responsible to get your wisdom tooth infected says a dentist working at the reputed Bayswater Dental Clinic in London. Some of these bacteria include the following –

  • Prevotella Fusobacterium
  • EikenellaCorrodens
  • Aggregatibacter
  • Streptococcus
  • Peptostreptococcus
  • Actinomyces

In certain cases the infection spreads faster and affects not only the other areas of the mouth but also the head.

Usually wisdom tooth erupts at impossible angles and in unexpected shapes. Thus it becomes difficult to clean. As a result it may get infected easily. Food debris and plaque build-ups easily get stuck in the area between the wisdom tooth and the tissues of the gums. It is difficult to clean this area properly during routine brushing and flossing of the teeth. Thus the tooth is easily prone to get infected.

Treatment for the wisdom tooth

Surgically removing or extracting the wisdom tooth is not the only option as far as modern dentistry is concerned. There are a number of alternatives ways that exist to tackle the problem. Your dentist will choose the best possible solution for you depending on your condition. The treatment options that exist include the following –

  • Medications to arrest and gradually cure the infection
  • Necessary dental work to fix or repair the issue
  • When the above options prove to be insufficient then a dentist will suggest you for invasive dental surgery to extract the troubled tooth and get completely rid of the problem

The Bayswater Dental Clinic has an excellent track record in handling cases of infected wisdom tooth in London. As a patient-centric practice we offer top class treatments using the latest dental technology at a cost that our competitors find hard to match with. The easiest way to reach out to us is searching online with strings like “wisdom tooth extraction near me” from anywhere in London. Do contact us now to know about the wisdom tooth and the related troubles.

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