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Live events are rarely seen in major console games, but they’re often seen in mobile games. Live events in PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, and Mobile Legends have featured Hello Kitty, BTS, and other popular pop culture figures. Some games have featured characters from popular franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed. Others have featured characters from Final Fantasy XV and the Walking Dead.

In-game duplication mechanics


In-game duplication mechanics in mobile games can be exploited by players. Some of these techniques involve using the same item in two contexts at once. Others use tools to bypass special areas or exploit game systems such as crafting and trading. Players can avoid these exploits by giving each item a unique ID and deleting duplicates.

While these mechanics work well in RPG-based games like Clash Royale, they are less relevant in competitive PvP games. While duplicates help players to sell their surplus items, they do not unlock the full potential of items in competitive games. As such, these duplicates are not worth much in competitive games.

Lack of controller support


It’s no secret that PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch are flying off the shelves. Apple never made much of a move to compete with these giants, so it’s no wonder that Apple games often lack controller support. The lack of controller support also extends to Apple TV, where you’ll need to use a third-party MFi controller to play games.

Fortunately, some mobile games do support controllers. Call of Duty Mobile is a good example. The game was designed with touch screen gaming in mind, but some users have reported issues. It’s also important to have a full battery charge to play with controllers. The game also has some quick fixes for controller issues.

Low search volume


One of the most important metrics for SEO is the keyword search volume. It measures the number of searches that a particular keyword receives each month on Google. However, it is important to note that it does not always reflect the number of unique people searching for the keyword. For example, the low search volume seen in mobile games could indicate that there are not many people who are actively searching for that term.

The reason why low search volume keywords are still visible in Google accounts is due to a variety of reasons, including the fact that the keyword is an exact match, phrase match, or broad match. In these cases, it would be better to move the keyword to a different campaign that would increase its volume.

Although low search volume keywords can become popular in the future, it is important to know that they will not have any immediate traffic. In addition, the low search volume keywords can have negative effects on your account quality score. If you have low search volume keywords, try boosting brand awareness and search traffic to that keyword. This way, you can improve your visibility and attract more potential users.

A high search volume keyword is more likely to be profitable than a low volume keyword. A long-tail keyword consists of four words or more. For example, if you’re trying to sell rare Pokemon cards, you’ll want to target long-tail keywords. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a low search volume keyword, as long as it is high in demand.

Lack of innovation


The lack of innovation seen in mobile games is not new. The problem is that content makers have become lazy. Instead of thinking about new and exciting ideas, they are instead relying on their existing content and hardware. The end result is a stale product that alienates both younger and older gamers. It is no longer enough to simply copy what others are doing, but games need to stand out. To measure innovation, the game must be innovative in a number of ways, including the presentation, the game principle, and storytelling. Previously, studies of innovation in video games focused on the high-tech and manufacturing industries. However, the entertainment industry also experiences innovation. Typically, innovations appear in their respective markets at regular intervals. In the video game market, for example, there are cyclical platform changes and volatile technical developments. Disruptive innovations, on the other hand, occur every few years and require high investment costs.

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