This is a common problem encountered by every student in their twelfth grade. There is no correct method for the decision-making process, but many online resources can provide you with the required guidance. The University of Waterloo offers a sea of study areas after your 12th. So, this will help you to decide what to do after the 12th. The college boasts of some unparalleled programs offered by 6 faculties and 13 schools. Computer Science and other Science courses are among the best in the World along with the various other co-op programs. The University of Waterloo also has a moderate acceptance rate of 53%. So, without wasting time any further, let’s glance at the various undergraduate courses offered by the college here.

Courses offered by the University of Waterloo

Listed below are the courses offered by the University of Waterloo for students after their 12th:

University of Waterloo – Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Studies
  • Bachelor of Science Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Public Health
  • BA in Recreation and Leisure Studies
  • BA Recreation and Sport Business
  • Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation

Faculty of Arts

  • Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management
  • BA in Anthropology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Classical Studies
  • BA – Communication Studies
  • Bachelor in Computing and Financial Management
  • Bachelor of Arts – Economics
  • BA in English
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
  • BA – French
  • BA – Gender and Social Justice
  • Bachelor of Arts in German
  • BA in History

Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo

  • Bachelor of Applied Science – Architectural Engineering
  • Bachelor of Architectural Studies
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Biomedical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Applied Science – Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Applied Science – Computer Engineering

Faculty of Environment

  • Bachelor of Environment and Business
  • Bachelor of Environment Studies – Environment, Resources, and Sustainability
  • Bachelor of Environment Studies in Geography and Aviation
  • Bachelor of Environment Studies – Geography and Environmental Management
  • Bachelor of Environment Studies – Geomatics
  • International Development

University of Waterloo – Faculty of Mathematics

  • Bachelor of Mathematics – Actuarial Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Mathematics – Biostatistics
  • Business Administration (Laurier) and Computer Science (Waterloo) Double Degree
  • Business Administration (Laurier) and Mathematics (Waterloo) Double Degree
  • Bachelor of Mathematics in Combinatorics and Optimization
  • Bachelor of Mathematics – Computational Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Mathematics in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Computer Science or Bachelor of Mathematics – Data Science

University of Waterloo – Faculty of Science

Admission Process at the University of Waterloo

Admission requirements at the University of Waterloo vary according to the school and course of interest. Before applying, you need to understand the level you should work towards and the required courses. Doing your homework in advance can save you from disappointment when you make an admission decision. To apply, aspirants have to visit the OUAC (Ontario Universities Application Centre). The University of Waterloo will revert with further instructions within two weeks post receipt of the application. There are certain admission requirements like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, TFE scores, and SAT scores. To know in-depth about the Admission Process, please check here.

How much will you have to spend?

Education is a costly affair, and there are many costs associated with it. These are tuition fees, miscellaneous fees, textbooks, shelter, and the money you usually spend on food, entertainment, clothing, etc. The average 1st-year tuition fees for international students for various undergraduate programs at the University of Waterloo is 40,000 – 65,000 CAD. Adding to this, one has to pay for book supplies hovering between 2290 – 4100 CAD.

University of Waterloo – Future Prospects

By 2030, 375 million workers worldwide will need to learn new skills. The University of Waterloo stands 25th as per QS Global Graduate Employability Rankings 2020. Canada’s largest employers value ​​transferable skills more than technical knowledge. Jobs that combine human skills and technical knowledge will be given preference like Head of Machine, Personality Design, or Design Strategist.

The programs offered by the University of Waterloo also have options for the co-op. This will ensure that students gain solid work experience while studying. A variety of specializations are available from which students can customize their courses. Also, they can get direct entry to a Master’s degree post-graduation. Students start earning 10,000 to 15,000 CAD while studying through the cop-op structure. Post qualification enhances the chances of bagging lucrative job offers. Post completing undergraduate courses at the University of Waterloo; students enjoy salaries between 89,000 to 100,000 CAD on average.

Benefits of Studying at the University of Waterloo after 12th

There are a few benefits that we will like to highlight below:

  1. As you can see from the top that the University of Waterloo offers to arrange innovative career-oriented programs for the class 12th pass-outs.
  2. There is ample chance to modify and customize the course according to the specializations and your choices.
  3. Most programs have the scope of co-opting, which further bolsters your resume. Students can earn while learning through this mechanism.
  4. Placements are good for post-qualifying, and one can take direct entry to the Master’s course if they want to study further.
  5. The students will get an opportunity to interact with peers of different races and cultures.
  6. Canada is one of the most popular study destinations with Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver, figuring in the top 20 Student Cities in the World as per QS 2019 rankings.
  7. Canada is among the top 10 economies of the World, with a GDP of 1.84 trillion USD. It spends 1.7% of its GDP on research as well.

Thus, the University of Waterloo can pave the way to success for the students from the early part of their careers. The economic prowess of Canada also adds up to this. Students can pursue higher studies and research as well as after their bachelor’s. If you are done with your 12th exam with decent scores, you can consider studying at the University of Waterloo. But before that, you will have to decide whether studying abroad is a viable option and which course you want to pursue. Stay safe, and stay healthy!

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