What to Look For When Choosing a Home Cleaning Service

If you have a dirty house or just want to get it cleaned up a little bit, you can hire a home cleaning service. There are many options available, and you can choose from a variety of different services.

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If you have a dirty house or just want to get it cleaned up a little bit, you can hire a home cleaning service. There are many options available, and you can choose from a variety of different services. This article will cover what to look for when choosing a home cleaning service, including cost and quality. You will also learn about red flags that indicate poor quality.


The cost of home cleaning services varies by company and type of service. The most basic services will cost around $75 per hour, depending on the type of cleaning you need. The most basic cleaning will include light dusting, bathrooms, kitchens, and floors. These services are typically done a few times per month.

When choosing a service, check if they have insurance. Accidents can happen during the cleaning process, and you’ll want to be protected. This way, you’ll know that if anything goes wrong, you’ll be covered for the cost of repairs or replacement. If there are any hidden costs, they should be able to cover them.

The cost of home cleaning services will depend on the type of cleaning you need to be done and the size of the area. Some companies have add-on services that can increase the price. Some companies will charge more for extra tasks like making beds, but you’ll save money if you don’t use them.

Depending on your needs, a home cleaning service can cost between $50 and $150 per hour. Generally, you can hire a single cleaner or hire a cleaning agency. Depending on the size of the home and how often you need cleaning, the price may vary considerably.


Before you hire a home cleaning service, look for a few key characteristics that are indicative of good quality service. Look for bonded and insured service providers, which indicate professionalism and protection for the client. Bonded and insured service providers offer insurance against loss and liability. Also, check for employee screening and training.

When selecting a cleaning service, be sure to communicate your needs and expectations with the service provider. Moreover, be sure to specify the cleaning schedule. You may also ask if there are any limitations, and in case you have a particular need, do not hesitate to ask for additional services. If your house is big, you should make sure to explain it to the cleaning service provider in advance.

Red flags of low quality

Red flags of low-quality home cleaning services include billing mistakes, rude customer service, ill-trained teams, and lack of background checks. The best way to avoid these low-quality cleaning services is to ask the right questions in advance. For example, check for the state of licensing and check for reviews about the company.

Unless the company is an independent contractor, check if they employ their own employees. If a cleaning company hires subcontractors, you should be wary. Usually, subcontractors are not screened and may not be responsible for damages. This is a major red flag.

Some house cleaning services are just out to make a quick buck. This is unfortunate because many homeowners can benefit from hiring a trusted house cleaning company. Unfortunately, many homeowners give up on the idea because they do not know how to pick a reputable company. But knowing the warning signs will help you avoid these scams and ensure you get the best home cleaning services for your needs.

Apps that offer home cleaning services

Cleaning apps are useful tools for homeowners who are on a tight budget. They allow you to post a cleaning job and invite cleaners to bid. These cleaners compete for your business, so be sure to be competitive with your price. The apps also provide a handy budget sheet and to-do list, so you can make sure that you don’t overspend. You can also send out notifications when an order is confirmed or payment has been received.

Home cleaning apps are available for iOS and Android devices. There are apps for cleaning floors, windows, and even inside refrigerators and ovens. Some also offer cleaning tips. These apps also allow you to rate the services that are provided. And because they are so convenient, you won’t have to go out of your way to find a cleaner.

Users can also create checklists for cleaning different parts of their homes. These lists can be weekly, monthly, or seasonally. Some apps even feature a built-in timer. The best part about the apps is that you don’t need an active internet connection to use them. They also allow you to share your lists with other people.

Another app that offers house cleaning services is MaidsApp, which connects you with vetted, professional cleaners within minutes. The app is available for Android and iOS and is known for its on-time appointments.

Cost Comparison

One of the best ways to estimate the cost of a house cleaning service is to use a cost comparison website. These sites can help you figure out how much the work will cost you, and can also help you choose between different packages. Many of these websites provide cost estimates for different services, from regular cleaning to heavy-duty deep cleaning.

For example, a standard home cleaning service is typically cheaper than a move-out cleaning service. Deep cleaning services will fall somewhere in the middle. Prices for these larger services vary depending on the level of expertise and the labor hours needed. Carpet and tile cleaning, for example, requires heavy-duty equipment that can add to the total price of the house cleaning. Add-on services will also increase the cost of the entire house cleaning service.


When you are starting a home cleaning service, it is important to make sure you carry the proper insurance to protect yourself and your clients. In some cases, it is even necessary to purchase business insurance to protect yourself and your clients in the event of an accident. Before you get started, you should gather the necessary information and speak with an insurance agent who specializes in covering this type of business. These agents will have experience covering home cleaning services and can help you find the best insurance for your needs. The best way to make sure you have the right coverage is to consider comparing quotes from several companies.

The most important insurance for your home cleaning business is general liability insurance. It protects you against the risk of property damage and bodily injury and covers medical expenses and legal defense costs. While general liability insurance is essential for any cleaning business, it is especially important for businesses that work in private residences or at clients’ businesses. Even small claims can cost you thousands of dollars.

In addition to liability insurance, you should also consider business income insurance. This type of insurance can replace your income in the event that you are unable to work because of a covered accident or property damage. You should also consider workers‘ compensation insurance, as it covers injuries and illnesses that occur on the job. And don’t forget about umbrella insurance, which boosts your liability coverage limits.

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