Ukraine News Live - Shelling Continues in Kharkiv, Ukraine

Several dozens of people have been killed in massive shelling of Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine News Live. In an extremely raw episode of her show, Claire Byrne has spoken to residents of Kharkiv as well as in the studio. One woman, Racheal Diyaolu, is trapped in a hostel near the Russian border.

Russia threatens to use nuclear weapons

Russia’s threat to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine has raised fears of Armageddon. US President Joe Biden warned that such a scenario could lead to the end of the world. While there is no evidence yet that Russia is closer to using nuclear weapons, US officials say the Russian president’s remarks should be taken as a warning to other countries not to get too involved in the conflict in Ukraine News live.

If Russia does use nuclear weapons, it would be a first since the 1945 atomic bombing of Japan. Putin’s threats will certainly change cost-benefit calculations on nuclear non-proliferation. It would also be a pretext for Iran to reconsider its nuclear commitments. And in this case, the United States and other leading powers must use their leverage to deter Russia from using nuclear weapons.

Despite Russian threats, Russia’s repeated use of nuclear weapons has not resulted in meaningful concessions from other countries and has only increased its isolation worldwide. A threat of nuclear war is not a legitimate way to attack another nation. But it is a credible tool for self-defense. And while many leaders may think that nuclear weapons are a magic wand, the reality is that they have no magic powers.

In addition to the use of nuclear weapons, Russia has also threatened to annex occupied Ukrainian lands. In addition, Putin has warned that he was not bluffing when he said he would use all the means at his disposal to protect its territorial integrity. And he made this clear by making veiled reference to Russia’s nuclear arsenal. But the Biden administration has insisted that there is no indication that Russia has moved nuclear weapons to the Ukraine.

The United States could choose a military response, ranging from a non-military response to a conventional attack, which would risk further escalation. However, that option has its own risks and could lead to war with Moscow. As such, the US is considering a non-military option.

While there is no evidence that Russia plans to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the threat is a warning to Ukraine that they may use them in the future. Currently, Ukraine’s military is making gains in the south and eastern regions. However, the pro-war camp in Russia has pressured President Putin to intervene and send full Russian military to the region. This pressure has likely contributed to the recent escalation.

Ukraine blames Russia for explosion on Kerch bridge

Russia has denied responsibility for the Kerch bridge explosion and has blamed Ukraine. The bridge links the Crimean Peninsula to Russia. The bridge also provides an important supply and logistics route for the Russian Black Sea fleet based in Sevastopol. It was built by Russia following its 2014 annexation of the Crimea. The explosion has hit Russia’s prestige because it was a strategically important bridge.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine of orchestrating the explosion on the bridge, calling it an act of terrorism. The attack damaged civilian infrastructure and disrupted the main supply route for the Russian armed forces in the Crimea. Putin said that the blast was a result of a coordinated attack by Ukrainian special forces. The Russian government will hold a security council meeting on Monday to discuss the incident.

The Russian president has ordered tight security for the Kerch bridge and the energy infrastructure along the Kerch River. The explosion killed two people and damaged several sections of the road. The Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee says the explosion was caused by a truck carrying explosives. The explosion killed two people and severely damaged the bridge, but the Investigative Committee did not name the third victim.

The Russian president has met with the chairman of the Investigative Committee to discuss the incident. Putin referred to the incident as an “act of terrorism.” He added that the truck had traveled through Georgia, Armenia, North Ossetia, and the Krasnodar region in southern Russia. He also said that some people involved in the truck’s organization of movements have been identified, but gave no further details of their conversation.

Security camera footage shows a truck traveling across the bridge – allegedly from the Russian city of Krasnodar, about an hour’s drive away. Security cameras also show a massive fireball erupting behind the truck as it climbs an elevated part of the bridge. Although the Kremlin blamed Ukraine for the explosion, the government in Kiev has not publicly apologetic for the incident.

The incident has left cars wrecked, balconies destroyed, and air conditioning units hanging from buildings. Despite the tragedy, the Zaporizhzhia region is still largely Ukrainian, while the capital remains under Russian control. Although the White House declined to comment on the Kerch bridge explosion, it said it would continue to supply Ukraine with arms and other aid.

Energoatom accuses Russia of cutting off diesel fuel to Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

Ukraine has been unable to keep its nuclear power plant up and running since Russia annexed the region of Zaporizhzhia in eastern Ukraine. Since then, it has relied on emergency diesel generators to keep the plant running. However, recent shelling has cut off one of the plant’s last connections to its reserve line. This has caused the plant to go offline. Despite the situation, the plant is still producing power, but engineers have not switched on the diesel generators.

Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear company Energoatom has accused Russia of trying to “steal” the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. The Ukraine-Russia conflict has caused heavy damage to lines and equipment at the plant.

The shutdown is putting hundreds of Ukrainian employees at risk. It also impedes safety inspections and prevents replacement of critical parts. Meanwhile, the company has installed generators to provide power to the cooling pumps, which prevent fuel from overheating.

The shutdown has a devastating impact on Ukraine’s economy. The Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant supplies 20 per cent of the country’s electricity. If the power plant is shut down for a long time, it could cause even more hardship for Ukraine’s government. Ukraine is already bracing itself for a tough winter, and this situation only adds to its difficulties.

In late January, the Russian government halted diesel fuel supplies to Zaporizhzhia’s nuclear plant. Kotin had spent his entire career at the plant, beginning as a graduate and rising to the position of general manager. The nuclear plant is also at risk of attack by rockets, which have hit it within two dozen metres. While the reactors are designed to withstand the impact of a passenger jet, the spent fuel containers are more vulnerable to weapons.

The shutdown is the latest chapter in a complex fight between Ukraine and Russia. The first weeks of the conflict saw millions of people flee the country. The conflict triggered chaos on the island, and many families sought refuge elsewhere.

G7 nations pledge to provide more air defense weapons to Ukraine

Several countries are pledging to provide more air defense weapons to Ukraine. Ukraine is in need of such weapons to protect itself against attacks by Russia’s forces. In the past two days, Ukrainian air defense forces have shot down more than 60 cruise missiles. On Tuesday, Ukrainian air defenses intercepted and destroyed all cruise missiles fired at it. They also shot down 40 drones, including Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones. The president of Ukraine recently said that missile attacks by Russia would cease and that the air defenses in Ukraine would take down any further targets.

Ukraine is seeking additional financial and military assistance from G7 nations, including air defense weapons. It also wants further sanctions against Russia. Ukraine is a key ally of the G7 and Western nations have pledged to provide more military and financial assistance to it. In addition, Zelenskyy has called on Western allies to impose stronger sanctions on Russia’s energy sector, which would cut off its money flow from oil exports. The new sanctions would also be a symmetrical response to Russia’s recent actions against Ukraine.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Zelenskiy met with President Vladimir Putin via video. The two leaders discussed the situation in Ukraine. Zelensky stressed that Ukraine has no plans to attack Belarus, but called for international observers to monitor the border area. The meeting came after Russia launched a missile attack on a crowded shopping centre in Kremenchuk, causing the evacuation of scores of civilians.

The US is also committed to speeding up the delivery of advanced air defense weapons to Ukraine. The President’s request for additional air-defense weapons echoed a recent appeal from Ukraine’s president. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron responded by strengthening military presence in Eastern Europe. He reiterated that he would not negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin over Ukraine.

As the conflict with Russia continues, the G7 nations have pledged to provide Ukraine with more air defense weapons. During the meeting, Zelensky also made a request for more aid to help the country export grain. He also asked for more sanctions against Russia.

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