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The rugs in your home must look fresh and clean. This is vital not only for aesthetics but also to maintain hygiene across your home. In order to maintain the rugs in top condition you have to take care of certain things. For example – vacuuming must be a part of your routine household chore; any spillage on the rugs must be attended to without any delay. Rugs are an important décor element. They add a lot to the style and décor of any indoor space. They also expose your fine taste and elegant choice is matters related to aesthetics. But at the same time rugs easily attract a lot of dust, dirt, allergens and other negative substances. Some of the leading microbiologists based in London point out rugs also offer free and comfortable home to hundreds and thousands of microorganisms like dust mite and mould spores. It is because of all these reasons regular cleaning of rugs is essential. Just customary annual spring cleaning is never sufficient for this range of décor items.

In the following sections of this blog post a team of rug experts associated with one of the best rug cleaning companies in London shares few tried and tested hacks on proper cleaning of rugs at home. These tips – if followed – will make your rugs looking, smelling and feeling fresh round the year. Hope these easy tips make your life more convenient and hassle-free.

Vacuum your rug often

Well, there is no prize for guessing the first tip correct. You should vacuum your rugs at least once a week. It is better if you could do this every three to four days. But we understand that is asking too much from your busy schedule. At least when you vacuum your rug routinely every week, you pick the dust, dirt and the debris that get accumulated over the days. Thus the dirt is cleared away before it is trod deeper into the fabric of the décor item. Once dirt goes deeper into the fabric it becomes more challenging to clear that away.

Before turning on the vacuum cleaner remember to give the rug a good shake. This way you dislodge any loose grit and dirt that is trapped within its fibres. Then you can pick these up in your vacuum. While vacuuming a rug you should always select the suction function. Do not go for any other setting – like rotary brush or upright vacuum cleaner. These setting are likely to damage a rug. The fibres of the décor item may shed when you expose it to any other setting of your vacuum cleaner other than the suction-only one. Vacuum the rug lightly using the nozzle attachment. In order to get rid of germs consider sprinkling anti bacterial powder on the rugs. But before applying this product you should test it by applying a little of the chemical to an inconspicuous section of the rug. Let this settle for some time. if there is no adverse effect then you know the chemical is safe to use on the rug. It is also important to vacuum the underside of rugs. Do this at least once a month.

Clean up any spillage promptly without delay

Spillages are quite common on carpets and rugs. Whenever there is a liquid spillage over your rugs you have to turn into action immediately. Soak up every liquid spillage before it gets the chance of penetrating into the yarns of the fibre. Use a piece of fresh cloth; dampen it a little so that it is only soaked and not dripping wet. Use it to blot the spillage but be careful not to rub with it. That may furthermore push the spillage deeper into the fabric. Rubbing may also damage the surface of the rug. Trained experts having years of experience in professional rug cleaning in London are of the opinion that you may have to repeat this procedure a few times till all the liquid gets absorbed. Once all the spillage has been cleaned up you have to allow the rug to dry. Make sure to dry it in a shady place with natural ventilation. Never expose it to direct sunlight. Once it is completely dried, you can place it back in its place on the floor. This could take up several hours before you can start using it again.

Get rid of the stains

Some categories of rugs are good at repelling stains on their own whereas some are not. It actually depends on the type of fabric that is used in making an item. Usually synthetic rugs are more repellent to stains. Nylon rugs in particular are meant for steam cleaning. Removing stains of coffee, red wine and even mud are difficult though not impossible. You can take care of these tough stains by preparing a homemade mixture using white wine vinegar, washing up liquid and warm water. Make sure the ingredients are added in equal quantity. However there exists a better way to deal with mud stains on rugs. First let the stain dry up and then vacuum it before cleaning the rug.

Your pets and rugs

If you have a pet at home then you have to take greater measures to keep your rug clean and free from stain. Pets do inflict a lot of damage on rugs. You can reduce those damages to a significant extent by bringing home a variety of rugs that is designed particularly for pet owners. Those short pile rugs in any dark shade are ideal to hide both chew marks and scratches. These are few effective tips to keep your rug in good shape over the years. In addition to the tips discussed above it is better to give every rug a professional deep clean at least once a year, suggest professionals working at the 4 Seasons Carpet Clean in London. This exercise will improve both its cleanliness and appearance. On the other hand if you want to keep your rug clean by easy means then it is easy to choose a machine-wash variety.

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