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The Bongino Report is a conservative news website that aggregates news stories about conservative causes and political issues. It is run by Daniel John Bongino, a former Republican congressional candidate and former Secret Service agent. Daniel Bongino is a conservative political commentator, author, and radio host.

Dan Bongino’s rise to prominence

In recent years, Dan Bongino’s popularity has skyrocketed. His Facebook posts have regularly outranked those of conservative stalwarts such as pastor Franklin Graham and former Secret Service agent Ben Shapiro. In May 2021, he won the race to replace Rush Limbaugh on the Fox News morning show and became a leading conservative media figure. Bongino also landed himself a spot on Alex Jones’ Infowars website, which allows members of the far right to air their views. He has also become a frequent guest on Fox News.

The rise of Trump has also contributed to the rise of Bongino’s prominence. He has received high praise from Trump, who has endorsed his books. But Trump’s endorsement helped him to build a wider audience, and his podcast has been a favorite of far-right conservatives. In the year 2021, he will take over for Rush Limbaugh, a fellow Queens product.

Although he hasn’t run for elected office, his radio show has become one of the most popular conservative talk radio shows in the country. It attracts 8.5 million listeners a week and is the fourth most-listened-to radio show in the U.S., according to Talkers magazine. In addition, his podcast is ranked #1 on iTunes, and his Facebook page has more followers than all other news organizations put together.

In addition to his TV show, Bongino has become a frequent guest on Fox News. While he’s not a Fox News host, his frequent appearance on the show has helped him gain the president’s attention. There are few other senior officials in the Trump administration who command such attention. While Bongino is a frequent guest on Fox News, it’s not clear whether he communicates with the president directly.

His influence on conservative media

Bongino, a self-described combatant of information warfare, has become a prominent figure in conservative media. The former Secret Service agent has made controversial statements, including calling his opponents “tyrants.” In November, he tweeted that “the mask is off.” January, police shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, a Trump fan from Southern California, who retweeted Bongino fifty times.

In recent months, Bongino has been active outside of mainstream media, urging listeners to protest the mandatory vaccination of children. However, he has faced criticism for virtue-signaling. His radio co-hosts have criticized him for taking a stand weeks after the mandate went into effect. Despite the criticism, Fox is refusing to comply with his vaccine requirement, and Bongino has called for a conservative uprising.

Bongino’s influence on conservative radio and media has been growing rapidly. He has invested in a series of platforms and apps that form a parallel online ecosystem to social media. These platforms, such as AlignPay and Rumble, offer alternative options to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These platforms are creating a new information economy that focuses on the far right’s agenda.

Bongino has also carved out a personal relationship with Trump. Trump has publicly praised Bongino’s work in the past, and has tweeted about his books. The two have developed an early partnership, with the proposed creation of Rumble, a social media platform for Trump.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, conservative news items made up the largest percentage of links shared on Facebook. However, the death of Betty White in the same year took the spotlight from conservative news. Despite this, Bongino made it to the top ten for conservative news in the first week of 2022.

His relationship with Drudge

In a recent Newsweek article, Dan Bongino lashed out at Matt Drudge, the founder of influential news aggregator Drudge Report. While the news site aims to offer a free-speech alternative to traditional social media sites, Bongino said the claims were false. However, he did invest in the site earlier this year.

Bongino’s relationship with Driggle isn’t an isolated incident. His shows are featured on NRATV, the web channel of the National Rifle Association. However, this network was shut down the following year, making it difficult for Bongino to continue his work there.

Drudge and Bongino’s relationship dates back to 2008. The two men are media activists who disagree on a wide range of issues. While both sites claim to be objective and nonpartisan, their respective positions on these topics often contradict. Bongino’s views on political issues are particularly divisive and controversial. He once called President Obama “the most corrupt president in U.S. history” when he had earlier said he was a good man and father.

Bongino was a Secret Service agent from 1999 to 2011. then left the Secret Service and started a media empire. He has appeared on Alex Jones Infowars and guested on various Fox News shows. He has since become one of the most prominent conservative voices in the United States.

President Trump has taken note of Drudge’s leftward swing and has reportedly asked questions about Drudge. One of the questions he has asked is whether Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, contacted Drudge.

His relationship with Rumble

Bongino is currently involved with the project to turn Rumble into a publicly traded company, a blank check company (SPAC). The idea is to create a publicly traded company that would merge with an existing company, thereby unlocking immense resources. Bongino is candid about the financial power he would get.

Currently, Rumble has more than a million subscribers and has been growing rapidly. But it’s early days, and its popularity is still a tiny fraction of YouTube. The company didn’t immediately respond to multiple requests for comment. However, the underlying issue is that Rumble was in some way censored.

Despite the apparent conflict, the two men have a personal relationship. The former Secret Service agent and three-time lost Republican Congressional candidate has taken an equity stake in Rumble. Last year, Bongino tweeted about Snopes, a company that was a customer of Rumble. Meanwhile, Pavlovski has been recruiting big podcasters and political commentators to join his team.

Bongino was also instrumental in helping Trump win the Republican presidential nomination. Moreover, he is a self-confessed fellow-product of Queens. He has never had the luxury of money like Manhattan kids did. So he’s proud to call himself a fellow-product of Queens.

Although it’s unclear whether this is the best strategy for Rumble, Bongino’s relationship with the company is far from perfect. While his YouTube channel will receive a temporary suspension, he still has a large amount of subscribers. Moreover, he actively posts videos about Rumble, which he helped launch. In fact, his Rumble channel is now at over two million subscribers, which is an impressive number.

The company is also making acquisitions that will disrupt its operations. Moreover, Rumble collects and processes large amounts of personal information from users. As a result, security could be compromised. A security breach would impact Rumble’s reputation among advertisers and affect traffic. Additionally, it could lead to legal claims from users.

His relationship with Facebook

Bongino has used the Facebook algorithm to his advantage, putting his own website on the platform to garner more attention than other media outlets. He has also been accused of using Facebook’s algorithm to spread false information. However, Facebook has not responded to the charges. Recent research from the Pew Research Center shows that older Americans are significantly more active on Facebook than other demographics. In fact, the largest age group on Facebook is the twenty-five to thirty-four set, which comprises 26.3% of its users.

Facebook has a fact-checking program that employs external fact-checkers. However, Bongino has argued that such a process is unjust and does not protect users. He has also invested in two alternative social networks that are promoting free speech, Parler and Rumble. The two platforms have reportedly gained a large following, with Bongino posting a variety of content there.

Bongino has 4.9 million followers on Facebook. But despite his large audience, he has consistently used Facebook to spread false information. He earns millions of interactions on his posts and routinely ranks among the most popular link posts made by pages in the U.S., according to Facebook’s analytics.

In addition to his appearances on social media, Bongino’s Facebook page has become a hub for conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election. He has also used Facebook to spread false information regarding the use of voting masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes his Facebook page a perfect platform for spreading false information.

Facebook may be able to protect its users from false news. The site, which enables users to communicate with friends and family, is a safe place for them to post their opinions. The website also allows people to share photos, videos, and comments.

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