Selecting a Wellness Design Consultant

When selecting a wellness design consultant, consider the credentials of the consultant. Are they certified with Third-party organizations like Fitwel? Is there a cost associated with hiring a wellness design consultant? Find out in this article. Also, consider the location of the consultant's office.


When selecting a wellness design consultant, consider the credentials of the consultant. Are they certified with Third-party organizations like Fitwel? Is there a cost associated with hiring a wellness design consultant? Find out in this article. Also, consider the location of the consultant’s office. Small rooms are better suited for this type of design.

Lendlease’s wellness design consultant

The global property and investment group Lendlease has partnered with Bupa, a healthcare and wellness company, to help its workforce live healthier lives. Together, they have conducted a comparative workplace survey and provided preventive services, such as flu vaccinations and health coaching, for the company’s European and Australian operations. The company is committed to promoting a healthy workplace culture, and Geoff Dutaillis, Group Head of Sustainability, says that workplace wellness has become a business imperative.

In November, the two companies announced an alliance to advance the integration of human health and wellness into the built environment. As part of the alliance, the companies are identifying pioneering projects in different countries and regions. One of these projects is The Porter Building, which became the first office building in the UK to earn WELL Building Standard certification. Developed by Landid and Brockton Capital, The Porter Building achieved Gold Core and Shell Certification.

The health and wellbeing initiatives were aimed at creating a collaborative and dynamic workplace. The company wanted a workplace that would inspire staff and improve productivity. HASSELL, Lendlease’s wellness design consultant, facilitated the design of a flexible workplace environment that brings together 2,000 employees from five locations into a single, agile space.

Lendlease’s partnership with Delos has also made a significant contribution to the expansion of the WELL Building Standard. Through the partnership, Lendlease plans to make International Towers Sydney (ITS) Barangaroo the first WELL Core & Shell Certified building in the world. Sino-Ocean Land has also pledged a long-term commitment to WELL certification and plans to pursue WELL certification for a mixed-use complex in China.

Lendlease’s wellness design consultant is committed to incorporating a holistic approach to building wellness. This means creating a workplace environment that promotes collaboration and community. It also ensures that staff can achieve happiness and fulfillment through their work. Ultimately, this is good for business.

Fitwel certification

A Fitwel certification is similar to WELL certification in terms of scope and standards. Both rating systems are internationally accepted and applicable to a wide range of building typologies. These include whole buildings, partial buildings, and tenant improvements. Each program uses a point system to determine a building’s health, with higher scores indicating a higher level of certification. The certification process can take up to 12 weeks and is valid for three years.

Fitwel is a global certification program focusing on the intersection of health and wellness in the built environment. It is an internationally recognized standard that recognizes the building industry for its leadership in health and wellness. Argento/Graham employs Fitwel Ambassadors to assist project teams with implementing strategies for certification.

In addition to promoting healthy living, Fitwel certification emphasizes the importance of physical health in a built environment. The Fitwel system rates the performance of built environments across 12 categories and offers 63 design and operational strategies. These strategies are relevant to a wide range of building types and can be implemented easily in existing projects or planned into new ones.

The Fitwel certification also includes a detailed report that provides a comprehensive overview of the field of wellness. The report includes interviews with industry leaders and a survey of the most current scientific literature. It also includes sector-specific best practices and results from Fitwel-certified real estate projects. The report is available on BuildingGreen’s on-demand webinars.

To apply for Fitwel certification, the first step is to identify suitable projects. For instance, the company CBRE has committed to applying the Fitwel certification on six UK projects over the next year. It has also pledged to train Fitwel Ambassadors, who will promote the use of the Fitwel Standard throughout its projects.

The Fitwel certification is designed to promote positive health and well-being within organizations. It is accredited by the Center for Active Design, a non-profit organization with a mandate to grow the Fitwel program globally. As a result, a Fitwel-certified consultant will be able to educate clients on the benefits of healthy workplace design.

Third-party certification

If you want your office space to promote healthy living, it will help you increase employees’ productivity and reduce absenteeism. This is possible through the use of biophilic design concepts. These techniques integrate natural materials, shapes, colors, sounds, plants, and outdoor views. Many wellness design consultants also incorporate artistic expression. A comprehensive wellness plan will integrate wellness interior design interventions with operational policies and engagement with human resource departments.

In addition to the benefits of the WELL Building Standard, third-party certification can help a wellness design consultant differentiate himself from others in the field. According to Scialla, such certification could be an important market differentiator, particularly as competing wellness measurement tools and standards are being developed. A key challenge is to overcome the skepticism of ROI-obsessed building owners and developers. This is because wellness benefits are more difficult to quantify than, say, energy consumption, and there is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the cost savings.

To help clients determine which wellness design consultant is best suited for a specific project, wellness design consultants can use a Fitwel tool. Fitwel measures the overall health of a building’s occupants and provides recommendations for manageable improvements. Signage and operational decisions can also help to bump a project up the Fitwel score. For example, if an office building has an outdoor walking trail, the score may increase by one or two points. A wellness design consultant can also work with building owners to help them align their wellness goals with their facility’s operations.

To become certified as a wellness design consultant, you must first meet the WELCOA requirements. This standard is free for everyone and covers the essentials of a wellness design consultant, including licensing, ethics, and legal issues. It is an excellent first step to ensuring a successful career in wellness design.

Third-party certification is a great resource for clients but can create a lot of confusion. These certifications are also known as standards or ecolabels and are constantly updated.

Cost of hiring a wellness consultant

Hiring a wellness design consultant can be a great way to get a customized wellness program at your organization. These consultants are able to provide a variety of services, including strategy and assessment, as well as ongoing considerations such as communication and internal support. In addition to providing these services, they can also help with data collection and analysis.

Corporate wellness programs are growing in popularity in the United States. They are designed to increase employee health and reduce health care costs. They are also a good way to boost company productivity. Regardless of the size of your company, a wellness program can be a great investment that pays off in the long run.

When hiring a wellness design consultant, it is important to choose one with experience in several different areas. For example, experience in employee health and wellness, organizational culture change, and employee motivation are all valuable areas to look for in a wellness consultant. Their experience in these fields can help them assess and improve areas that need improvement.

Another important element to consider when hiring a wellness design consultant is the level of service they offer. Engagement Consultants will research and analyze health data and respond to employee inquiries. They can also act as a liaison with vendors and other outside departments. Lastly, they will provide initial reports/analyses for your review. A wellness design consultant can also help design a multi-year wellness program for a company.

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