What to Look For When Choosing a Samsung TV

When shopping for a new television, there are several things you should consider. These include the Streaming news service, the AVOD space, and the Smart TV platform. Read on to find out what to look for when choosing a Samsung television. Whether you are shopping for a new television for your home or a replacement, there are some key points to consider.

Streaming news service

The streaming news service for Samsung TV offers a mix of national and local news. It offers more than 40 channels, including ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News Now. Moreover, viewers can choose a channel focused on their specific location. And, if you want to keep up with the latest events in your area, there are channels dedicated to autos.

If you have a Samsung Smart TV, you can take advantage of the streaming news service for Samsung TV. It has a wide selection of free content, including episodes of the popular British television shows such as Classic Doctor Who, Top Gear, and the Law & Order Special Victims Unit. You can also enjoy a channel focusing on car culture called Ride or Drive. The channel also features concerts and exclusive specials.

In addition, the service has more than 220 linear-style channels in the U.S., and over 1,600 in other countries. The platform is a growing success, with nearly three billion hours of content streamed worldwide in a year. Samsung’s SVP of Product and Marketing, Sang Kim, admitted that they did not realize the service would grow to this extent.

One of the most popular services for streaming news is NewsON, which includes local newscasts from more than 200 trusted television stations. It includes more than 70 markets, covering more than 70% of the U.S. population. Users can also search for local news by call letters, ZIP codes, and states.

Another popular streaming news service is the BBC. It offers a wide selection of topics and is a great option if you’re watching news on your Samsung TV.

QLED technology

If you’re looking for a new television, one of the best models to look for is one that has QLED technology. While this isn’t a completely new technology, it is a major advancement over traditional LCD panels. The QLED technology is a combination of LED backlight and quantum dots that respond to light to create additional light. Essentially, the QLED technology produces a picture that is far superior to that of traditional LCD panels.

Samsung’s new QLED televisions are expected to offer a better picture quality than their predecessors. However, it’s important to note that the new screens won’t match the OLED and LCD sets on pure brightness alone. While OLEDs are brighter overall, QLED televisions are more readable in well-lit environments and when playing HDR content.

Samsung has been adding features to its TVs that will make gaming easier and better. The “Gaming Hub” will help gamers find the best settings for their favorite game. The new hub will allow you to manage various gaming settings without having to switch between multiple screens. And it will also offer multi-view capabilities and the ability to use your smartphone’s camera to share images with other people.

The QLED technology in Samsung’s televisions is based on the same technology as that used in high-end computers. It is a type of quantum-dot technology that makes it possible for ultra-fine semiconductor materials to emit light in a highly-detailed way. This enables a TV to produce the best colour and contrast possible, and is compatible with almost any content and lighting conditions.

The QLED TV uses a blue LED light source that’s sandwiched between two layers of an LCD panel. The screen then has a layer of quantum-dot-encrusted film that’s embedded with nanocrystals. This layer replaces the color filter in front of the LED backlight. It can give the viewer a much wider viewing angle than regular LCD televisions, and the result is an improved picture quality.

AVOD space

Samsung is one of the biggest CTV manufacturers in the world, with products in millions of homes. It has invested heavily in the AVOD space and is expanding its offering through Samsung TV+. AVOD is a great monetization model for content creators and allows ad-supported TV content to thrive in the streaming era. Even shows from a decade ago are still generating revenue for their owners.

Samsung started out by introducing TV Plus as a video rental service in the U.S., and then as an ad-supported service in South Korea. After studying user data for a year, Samsung decided to expand into the AVOD space. It is currently available in 24 countries.

As the AVOD space gains momentum, Samsung is looking for ways to capitalize on the hype. It must offer unique channels with talent consumers recognize. It’s must also have strong brand recognition. It must provide its consumers with a platform that enables them to access premium content anytime they want. In addition, Samsung must have a strong content lineup that combines content from established brands with new content.

Ad-supported video on demand is a young category, but it has the potential to be a great source of revenue for advertisers. In Europe, for example, AVOD consumption on Samsung TVs increased by 74% year-on-year. By 2020, Brits are predicted to consume one hour and 17 minutes of AVOD content every day on their Samsung TV. The growth could be attributed to the growing number of ad-supported streaming services.

Smart TV platform

The Samsung Smart TV platform is built on an open web and supports a wide variety of apps. Its Samsung Smart Hub makes it easier to access the latest news, movies, TV shows, and other content from across the web. It is easy to navigate, consisting of a band of cards along the bottom of the screen. It also helps to stream content, such as live TV, from websites such as Netflix. Samsung has also made it easy to manage content across the platform.

The smart TV’s 4K UHD resolution gives users four times the resolution of Full HD, making the picture sharper and more detailed. It also features a powerful UHD upscaling engine, which upscales non-4K content to 4K for better picture quality. This means that people can watch all their favorite programs on the big screen.

While Samsung’s smart TV platform has been the undisputed king of the Smart TV market, there are several other players in the market who are also trying to make a name for themselves. LG, for example, has announced it will release several models featuring its webOS platform. Meanwhile, Roku and Philips are also planning to enter the UK market soon.

Samsung Smart TVs can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or Ethernet to stream content. The Smart TV platform supports a variety of streaming apps, including Netflix and YouTube TV. Besides these, it also has its own browser app that lets you browse the web the way you would a common computer. You can use the remote to navigate through the apps and websites.

The Samsung Smart TV platform has many useful features. Its Electronic Programming Guide gives you an overview of television channels. This is useful for planning your evening’s entertainment.


If you’re shopping for a new television, Samsung offers a variety of models, each with different technologies, price plans, and features. To find the best price, it’s best to shop around and compare prices at different stores. Prices can vary significantly from store to store, and the TV market in Australia is huge and competitive. That means it can take days to find the best price for your TV.

Samsung TVs are known for their amazing picture quality and incredible sound. They’re also very user-friendly. Samsung offers a wide range of sizes and display types, including OLED, plasma, Smart 4K, and QLED. They have a large variety of different features, including the latest in AI-enabled 4K image upscaling, which allows for the best image quality possible.

The QLED technology used in Samsung TVs is an incredible improvement over traditional LCD panels. The technology allows the TV to deliver over a billion shades of color. Compared to older LCD TVs, QLED TVs have a brighter picture and better contrast than their counterparts. Despite being more expensive than traditional LED TVs, you can save hundreds on your new TV by using Samsung’s QLED technology.

Although Samsung’s price range may be a bit steep, the televisions are still worth buying. Whether you are looking for a new set for the living room or for gaming, Samsung’s lineup will provide you with adequate performance at a price you can afford. And because Samsung is the most innovative company in the TV industry, you can find the perfect TV for your needs.

The Samsung Tv has a sleek design that blends in with any room. Its anodized aluminum shell ensures its durability. Its smart features make it easy to connect with your smartphone and watch your favorite shows on your TV.

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