How to Get More Out of Pathfinder Shocking Grasp

Shocking Grasp is a spell that applies shock to an enemy. This effect is not easily hit, so wizards need to be in close range and move toward their enemies. Magi, on the other hand, shine when using this spell. Because magi are usually close to their targets, they can apply this spell through their weapon. They also inherit the weapon’s crit range, which makes Shocking Grasp a great choice for magi.

Cost of Shocking Grasp

If you’re a Pathfinder magus, you’ve probably wondered how to get a hold of one of the most absurd first-level spells: Cost of Pathfinder Shocking Grasp. While it’s certainly not worth a million gold, the spell is a useful first-level spell that does some ridiculous things. For example, it can be used to hit monsters with the shock that you’d expect a powerful spell to do. Fortunately, there are a few ways to get more out of Shocking Grasp.

For one, you can make your spell more powerful by adding an Elemental Spell. This spell enables you to cast Shocking Grasp as any element, instead of just one. The next option is to use an Intensified Spell, which lets you cast the spell for a longer time than normal.

Range of effect

Pathfinder Shocking Grasp is an amazing spell with some definite drawbacks. While it deals 1d8 lightning damage, the target is unable to react until his or her turn. However, this spell does have its positives, too. One of the biggest benefits is that it can be used several times, which means that it can cause a lot of damage.

Shocking Grip is one of the magus’ staple spells. Because most monsters resist electricity, it can soften a magus’ blows. However, it is also important to note that some monsters gain powerups when struck by electricity, but most of these are constructs. In addition, the magus also has trouble punching through damage reduction, so he is often limited to spell damage.

Another good reason to use shocking grasp is to enhance your magical lineage. While Touch of Fatigue is excellent for melee combat, it also requires metamagic, which is a waste of spell slots. In addition, it’s useful if your character is race-limited or if he or she was raised by goblins.

Using this spell isn’t as powerful as a spell, but it’s still worth using, as the damage dealt by the attack is 1d6+6. It’s more powerful than a melee attack and can deal a lot of damage. As it hits twice as hard, it also deals ghoul touch. If it hits twice as hard, it deals 1d4+6 acid damage, and 5d6 electricity damage.

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Requirements for casting

If you are interested in enhancing your Magic skills, you may want to learn how to cast Shocking Grasp. This powerful spell allows you to cause a lot of damage to a single target. It can be useful when you’re trying to prevent your opponent from reacting in time. This spell also triggers a lightning discharge, which can cause an electric shock. This isn’t as effective as the rest of the damage, but it does add a little extra damage to the attack.

Shocking Grasp is best used in close combat. It deals 1d6 damage per caster level. A straight sorcerer can deal five damage with this spell, while a dipping sorcerer can only throw two damage dice. Higher caster levels allow you to cast more powerful spells, but you’ll have to take into account the amount of damage you can deal with this spell.

Unlike other touch spells, shocking grasp has an unusual casting model. It’s hard to hit, but the spell is powerful when used with close range. It also inherits crit range from your weapon, which makes it ideal for magi. Magus, for example, are better at close range spell casting, and this is why they shine when it comes to Shocking Grasp.

Shocking Grasp can be a great option when trying to strike animals with metal armor. This spell deals 1d8 lightning damage and is a good option for hitting creatures with metal armor. However, the damage that Shocking Grasp deals can be reduced by parrying.

As a Magus, it is a good idea to have Shocking Grasp as one of your class spells. This spell is great at level 1, and you can easily reuse it for 1000 gold after leveling. However, it must be used with care, as it can do some pretty ridiculous things as a first-level spell.

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