What is a Lifestyle Lounge?

A lifestyle lounge is a place to discuss real-world stuff with like-minded people. It’s a great way to meet people and share experiences. We’ll discuss everything from food to fashion to technology. We’ll also discuss how we live our lives and how we can create better lives. We hope you’ll join in!


The aim of a lifestyle lounge is to help consumers live a healthy lifestyle. Social networking is a great way to make friends and build relationships, but it can also affect a person’s mental health. Especially among the younger generations, people may feel pressure to look a certain way online. To combat these pressures, the owners of MooMoos CLOSET have created a space that educates people on healthy lifestyles and helps them find the right products.

MooMoos is a virtual lifestyle lounge that blends fast fashion with eclectic pieces. It offers pieces from renowned brands such as Closet to You and AmAni. It’s available to the public through Vault 71 and offers an exciting shopping experience. Aside from fast fashion, the website also features home decor and eclectic pieces from a wide range of designers.

AmAni Maisha, founder of MooMoos, is an entrepreneur who merged her passion for fast fashion with her background in communications. She has also produced cable television shows in Washington, DC, featuring local youth. In the last five years, she has launched her own lifestyle lounge, which combines Fast Fashion and a curated selection of exclusive pieces.


AMANI MAISHA was born out of a desire to create a space that makes one feel at home and pampered while away from home. Inspired by words such as “live life out loud” and “stay ready,” the AMANI MAISHA LIFESTYLE LOUNGE caters to a person’s personal needs with a wide array of services. From co-working spaces to spa treatments, AMANI MAISHA is an oasis of relaxation and personal indulgence.

The AMANI MAISHA LIFESTYLE LOUNGE is a multi-faceted space that serves as a hub for personal and professional growth. It offers free workshops, available on a first-come-first-serve basis, to teach people how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In addition to offering free workshops, the lounge also provides co-shared workstations and offers spa treatments.

Amani Maisha is an entrepreneur and life stylist who has been active in the fashion and communications industry for years. She has produced cable shows in Washington, DC, and has sold exclusive pieces under her brand. She has a global reach and is currently selling her products through Vault71.

Amani MAISHA and her team have been catering to the changing needs of women for over 20 years. From manicures and pedicures to organic skin care, the team at The Lifestyle Lounge has everything a woman needs to look and feel her best. It also offers workspaces for working women and a nail bar for those who do not have time to go to the salon.

In addition to a co-working space, the Lifestyle Lounge offers mindfulness and yoga classes to promote self-awareness and self-esteem. The studio offers classes in both Ashtanga-style and Buddha Flow. A virtual lifestyle lounge MooMoos is available in the Vault 71 community for those who cannot make it to the physical location.

AmAni MAISHA’s vision is to create a space where women can get pampered and feel at home. The company’s motto, “Live life out loud” and “stay ready,” guide their efforts in achieving the goals of their clients. AmAni MAISHA’s mission is to provide personalized service to a diverse clientele. Initially, the company focused on working professionals, but has since expanded its services to include all women.

L’ifestyle Lounge

The L’ifestyle Lounge is a community forum for people interested in holistic health. The community is composed of diverse healers. The purpose of the lifestyle lounge is to provide a space for people to share their experiences and knowledge. While this is not a forum for spamming, members should refrain from posting irrelevant threads that are not relevant to the overall topic.

The L’ifestyle Lounge offers a variety of classes, including yoga, mindful physical therapy, and Tai chi. These classes focus on healthy movement and breathing and are customizable to the needs of each individual. Its mission is to promote a healthier lifestyle through holistic methods. In addition to its regular yoga and mindfulness classes, the L’ifestyle Lounge also offers private sessions that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Monica Aparicio

Monica Aparicio, creator of The Lifestyle Lounge, has certifications in biodynamic breathwork, meditation and holistic health. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Parsons School of Design and a Master’s in School Supervision. She previously taught art and photography in public schools in New York City. After leaving public education, she started Urban Breath NYC and Total Life Remix before opening The Lifestyle Lounge in 2013.

Monica Aparicio is a teacher and healer who has helped hundreds of Spiritual Trailblazers build conscious businesses. She studied at the New School for Social Research and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach through the Biodynamic Breath Institute. She has thirty years of experience in personal growth, and began her business in 2013.

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