How to Clean and Maintain Your Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets?
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Your cabinets are the first things that people notice when they walk into your kitchen. They contribute to the ambiance and look of the space. This is the reason you need to take good care of your cherry wood cabinets.

The secret to keeping your cherry wood kitchen cabinets in great shape is to maintain them properly. Clean the cabinets regularly if you want to increase their lifeline, for both functionality and appearance.

So, here are some tips that will help in cleaning and maintaining your kitchen cabinets.

1.  Choose the Cleaning Cloths Wisely

For cleaning your cherry kitchen cabinets, you need to use soft cloths. Make sure it is lint-free. Some of the best clothes to use for this purpose are chamois or cheesecloth. If you have an old t-shirt that can work well, too. A few fabrics tend to leave lint residues, such as old dish towels or old flannel shirts. The ideal option for kitchen cabinets is older materials, which are softer and have been washed frequently.

Do not use a sponge or dishcloth. This is because they carry chemicals and residue, which might damage the surface of the cabinets.

2.  Avoid Abrasive Cleaning Elements

When you are cleaning your cabinets, make sure to use only use natural products that will not damage the cherry shaker kitchen cabinets or leave a sticky residue. Do not use any cleaning products, which contain ammonia, and avoid powered and other abrasive cleaners.

Grease-cutting, mild hand-washing dish soap might be the best cabinet cleaner.

3.  Wipe the Cabinets Using Soap and Water

Even though water and soap are the most popular solution when it comes to cleaning kitchen cabinets made of wood, too much moisture is the wood’s energy. To get the best result, you can apply the solution of water and soap using a sponge or soft cloth. Thereafter, simply rinse the wood cabinet using fresh, clean water, and use a second cloth for removing detergent residue.

You can use a third dry and clean cloth to avoid water damage.

4.  Use Only Mild Detergents

Prepare your own cleaning soap using two ingredients at home. All you have to do is combine two tablespoons of dish soap and add to two cups of warm water. A solution of water and vinegar can also help. Use a mild detergent of your choice for cleaning your cherry wood cabinet using a clean sponge or soft cloth. You can also use the solution to clean your white shaker cabinets. In case you are buying any commercial cleaning product, make sure you buy one that is made primarily for wood cabinets.

5.  Use Baking Soda for Tough Stains

If you have to remove tough stains, you can use baking soda or white toothpaste. Use a soft sponge for cleaning the surface of the cabinet. However, be careful not to scratch or damage the surface of the cabinet. Test the cleaner on the cabinet’s interior before using it on the cabinet’s exterior to get the best result. The tip works well for all types of cabinets, including white shaker kitchen cabinets.

6.  Limit Its Exposure to Moisture

Do not hang wet towels or dishcloths over the cabinets or the doors of the cabinets as longer exposure to water can damage the finish and might leave stains. If you want to wash and dry your dish towels, you can get a towel rack.

7.  Don’t Overlook the Cabinet Tops

One of the parts of the cabinet that people often tend to overlook is the top, but it collects dust. Even though cabinet tops don’t require cleaning as often as their front part, they have to be cleaned often, especially when you cook regularly.

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