House of Tricks in Tempe

If you are looking for a great dinner in downtown Tempe, check out House of Tricks. After Rula Bula closed on May 23, 2021, due to lease issues, the owners have opened a new establishment in the same location. The restaurant features award-winning food and a wine list with over 300 bottles to choose from. Dining at House of Tricks is an experience unlike any other, and you will want to check it out at least once.

Bob and Robin Trick’s house of tricks in downtown Tempe

Located in downtown Tempe, the House of Tricks is a cozy, family-run restaurant that has been serving contemporary American cuisine for 34 years. The restaurant is nestled among perennial flowers and lush greenery. It also features a hand-hewn outdoor bar and a patio. Robin Trick and her husband, Bob, met at a local pub and decided to turn it into a restaurant. They started by renovating a run-down 1920’s house and adding a second restaurant. The restaurant has many of the same employees, and most of them have been with the Tricks for ten or more years.

The House of Tricks is celebrating its 30th anniversary by putting together a special anniversary celebration, November 5th, 2017. Guests will be able to celebrate by enjoying dancing, hors d’oeuvres, and wine. The details of the evening will be announced shortly.

Owners Bob and Robin Trick announced on Facebook on Dec. 15 that they are retiring. The restaurant will remain open for happy hour and dinner service until June 2022. The Tricks have already sold the building they occupy. Located on Seventh Street, the restaurant is nestled just a block back from Mill Avenue. It features a lush patio surrounded by plants and trees.

If you are looking for a unique dining experience, the House of Tricks is the place to go. Not only is it a popular place for family dinners, but it’s also an excellent place to celebrate a special occasion. People remember the experience more than the food.

The Tricks’ Tempe restaurant offers an eclectic mix of flavors. Its large, outdoor patio is shaded and has an outdoor bar. This outdoor space is perfect in warm weather. Its quaint patio is situated next to a 1903 home. It is open until midnight every night, so you’ll never miss a bite of tasty cuisine!


The menu at House of Tricks combines traditional and contemporary American cuisine to create an eclectic fusion of flavors. Menu items change seasonally and are made with locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant also offers daily specials. It is best to call ahead of time to make special dietary requests. The restaurant may be unable to accommodate these requests during special holidays or large groups.

The restaurant features a top-notch wine list and professional servers. The new chef is Scott Umscheid, who took over for Kelly Fletcher, who recently left House of Tricks to start his own restaurant. The new menu highlights both traditional and modern dishes, including house-made artisan cheeses and sauces.

The House of Tricks has been serving up delicious food for 34 years. It is a local favorite and has hosted numerous events, including local politicians and ASU faculty. It is also known for its elegant and cozy decor. The restaurant also features a tree-covered outdoor patio. You can enjoy a meal in the beautiful weather while overlooking Tempe’s mountain views.


The House of Tricks serves contemporary American fare in a cozy, romantic setting. The menu changes with the seasons and incorporates a fusion of flavors. Fresh produce is used whenever possible. The restaurant also offers daily specials. Special dietary requests should be made in advance. Special requests may not be fulfilled during holiday hours or when the restaurant is hosting large parties.

The restaurant has been open for 34 years on the northwest corner of Seventh Street and Forest in Tempe. After nearly three decades in business, the owners of the Tempe location recently decided to sell the business. The new owners have decided to lease the property until June. The current owners are hoping to keep the House of Tricks brand alive and thriving.

The House of Tricks features beautiful gardens surrounding the building. The gardens are maintained by the owner’s mother, Mary Trick, who tends them each morning before the staff arrives. The grounds feature ferns, potted flowers, and a gurgling pond with goldfish. The restaurant is open seven days a week and is known for its welcoming and warm atmosphere. A visit to House of Tricks is sure to be memorable.


The Tempe location of House of Tricks is set on the northwest corner of Seventh Street and Forest. The restaurant has been open for 34 years. It has recently changed owners. The new owners will lease the restaurant until June. The Tempe location is set to remain open. It will accept reservations for private parties and happy hours.

The House of Tricks has beautifully landscaped gardens surrounding the building. Each morning, the owner’s mother, Mary Trick, tends to them before the staff begins work. The gardens feature potted flowers, ferns, and grape-covered arbors. A gurgling pond is also featured.

House of Tricks’ casual, contemporary American cuisine is inspired by the season. The menu highlights an eclectic blend of ingredients. It also features fresh and seasonal produce. The restaurant also offers specials daily. Guests should call ahead to let the staff know of any dietary requirements or allergies. During busy periods or large groups, it may be difficult to accommodate these requests.

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