General Hospital Spoilers - A Look at This Week's Episodes

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Portia Robinson (Amanda Setton) will try to confront Curtis Ashford and force him to come clean about his past. Likewise, Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) will confront Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) about her past. In addition, TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) will open up to Brad Cooper. Meanwhile, Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) will learn about his father’s death.

Portia Robinson (Amanda Setton) will try to get Curtis Ashford to confess

General Hospital spoilers tease a major plot twist this week, as Portia Robinson (Amanda Seton) will attempt to get Curtis Ashford to confess. The incident will play out at the nurses’ station, where Portia has been examining a file on Brando’s death. After reading the file, she wonders about an article that appeared in the press. Meanwhile, Alexis apologizes to Sonny for the latest issue of The Intruder.

Portia’s marriage proposal will surprise her. Curtis is likely to pop the question with a ring. But she’s concerned about her own secret, and she’ll be forced to decide whether to tell him the truth.

It’s unclear whether this will lead to a reconciliation between the couple, but Portia is considering telling Curtis the truth about Trina. After all, she lied to him about Trina’s father when she was first getting acquainted with him. Now that she’s found out that he isn’t Trina’s father, she’ll have to backtrack.

In other General Hospital spoilers, Portia Robinson (Amanda Setto) will try to get Curtis Ashton to confess to her past. She’ll also try to convince him to return to Port Charles to help her with her music career. But the plot will hit a snag, but it will be successful in keeping Maxie Jones’ daughter safe.

The episode will also feature Selina Wu (Selina Look) as an uninvited guest at The Savoy. The mob gangster had been seeking more favors from Curtis, and the pair ended up exchanging their criminal records. She is also using Curtis’ nightclub, The Savoy, for high stakes card games. Her nephew Brad Cooper and Cody Bell will work with her to manage these events. The two are considering hiring musicians and other entertainers for future events at The Savoy.

In addition to the two leads, Portia Robinson (Amanda Setto) is tasked with helping Sonny to solve the murder of Ava. She wants to get the truth about her ex-husband’s daughter, but she isn’t sure how to do it. Thankfully, Sonny has a plan.

Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) will confront Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) about her past

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Brook Lynn Quartermaine (AmandaSetton) will confront Esme about her past in this week’s episode. This episode will also see Esme surprise Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) by returning to Port Charles. But this time, she will stay low-profile. Her plan is to make sure she doesn’t get identified as a victim.

As for the other new twists and turns on the show, Brook Lynn Quartermaine will finally confront Esme about her past. Esme will also face some tough choices regarding her relationship with Brook. The episode will also feature a budding romance, as well as a lot of drama. In addition to Brook Lynn Quartermaine confronting Esme Prince, Brad Cooper will let Selina Wu know that he is the new player at The Savoy. Also, Josslyn Jacks will try to deal with the cop while Brook Lynn Quartermaine is trying to explain the situation to her. Brando Corbin and TJ Ashford will also get heated. They will argue with each other, but TJ Ashford tries to calm them down

In general hospital spoilers, Brook Lynn Quartermaine will confront Drew about his feelings for Carly Corinthos. She’s worried that Drew may be pursuing a relationship with Carly when she’s already under suspicion. The police are concerned about Drew’s relationship with Carly after they interrogated him in the case of the murder of Ava Cassadine. The repercussions of this confrontation will be severe.

The looming presence of the wealthy Quartermaine family continues to haunt Port Charles, with their interest in the many businesses. The quartermaine family is still trying to make their lives together and will turn to Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) for help.

The episode will also feature several other surprises. The former Port Charles police officer will face with a civilian review board as well as a potential candidate for reemployment. In addition, Dante will be concerned about Chase’s situation, since he’s a former partner of his.

Esme is also set to confront Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) about her past in general hospital spoilers. While Sonny Corinthos is still in power, his plan could come crashing down in a blaze. As a result, it may be the case that the brothers will confront each other.

TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) will open up to Brad Cooper

In General Hospital spoilers, TJ Ashford and Britt Westbourne will open up to Brad Cooper about their feelings for one another. Both TJ and Britt were recently involved in a dangerous incident involving an ex-serial killer. However, they were relieved that their mother was unharmed. Meanwhile, TJ was left feeling betrayed by his father. He thought that his father was deployed for a year.

In General Hospital spoilers, Josslyn Jacks will testify at the trial for Trina Robinson. She will also accuse Cody Bell of stalking her. While the two of them will fight in court, Willow Tait, and Michael Corinthos are left in the dark. However, Britt will open up to Brad Cooper about her relationship with Cody Bell, which will surprise Brad Cooper. Then, he’ll make Britt and Cody meet for a date.

Britt is a medical student, and she is very worried about the safety of her young daughter. Britt is also worried about the safety of her mother. However, she reassures T.J that she will be okay and will open up to Brad Cooper in general hospital Spoilers, which indicate that the two characters will be able to finally get close to one another.

TJ Ashford (Tajh bellow) and Britt Westbourne (Kelley Thiebaud) will finally be able to finally get close to Brad Cooper after all. In sonny general hospital spoilers, the two will share secrets about their upcoming dates, and Britt will also finally admit to Brad Cooper that she’s going on a date with him. In the meantime, Trina will worry about her case, and Spencer will come out against Esme Prince.

Meanwhile, the two women will make a surprising choice regarding their relationship. The former will try to protect her heart, while the latter will try to find the right person for her. Ultimately, the two women will choose to move forward with their relationship.

Meanwhile, in general hospital spoilers, TJ Ashford (Tajh bellow) and Britt Westbourne (Kelle Thiebaud) will try to heal their relationship. In the same way, Rory Cabrera and Trina Robinson will discuss their situation with one another. Further, Michael Corinthos reminds Dex Heller of his authority over the two doctors.

Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) will find out about his father’s death

Cody Bell (Josh Kelly), who has been suffering from a mysterious illness, is set to learn about the death of his father in General Hospital spoilers. has been trying to find the truth about his father’s death for quite some time. But he is still uncertain about the truth. After all, he never mentioned having a baby, and he isn’t sure if he is his father.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly), the son of a long-dead character, will find out the truth about his father’s death and his relationship with Britt Westbourne. Despite Cody’s appearances, the show’s creators claim he is the son of a character that died several years ago. However, he has been soaking up airtime compared to many veteran characters. For instance, Elizabeth Webber was supposed to be a major storyline for the series, but she has only made a few appearances this year. As a result, Cody Bell has become a pet character that has gotten a lot of airtime on General Hospital.

In General Hospital spoilers, Cody Bell will confront his father’s killer, Felicia Scorpio, and learn the truth about his father’s death. Meanwhile, Alexis Davis and Gregory Chase confront a creepy case, and Cody Bell confronts Felicia Scorpio.

Despite the fact that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly), is now dating the PCPD rookie Rory Cabrera (Michael Blake Kruse), it is still unclear how this relationship will work out. Both Josslyn and Cam are headed for a boo-breakup, but their chemistry can’t be ignored.

Although fans of General Hospital don’t believe that Esme Prince is dead, fans don’t see it that way. This demented doctor will show up at the hospital, but it’s unclear how he will get into her room. She is heavily guarded, but it’s possible he will get in through a cell phone or a confession teller from Niloas Cassadine.

Cody will finally get to know about his father’s death, and his relationship with his father will be tested. After all, he has been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. When Sonny questions his innocence, Josslyn will defend him. But Dex is already hiding something from Josslyn, and he may end up having to expose it.

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