Easy, Safe and effective DIY rug cleaning tips for you
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You need to give a thorough cleaning to your rug at regular intervals to make it look new and fresh. Cleaning of the item also ensure hygiene prevails in your home. Light cleaning a rug is never sufficient to cater to the factors mentioned above. On the other hand deep cleaning often turns out to be a lengthy and exhaustive task. in the following section of the blog post let us explore few tried and easy tips to make the task of thorough cleaning of rugs easier for you.

  • Start with carrying the rug outside and give it a good shake. This clears out as much dust and debris as possible. It is important to note that you should take up this DIY task on a sunny day. Rains will not be able to dampen your spirit in one hand while on the other the rug will dry out faster. After washing a rug or carpet you cannot reuse it till it has dried completely.
  • If you cannot take the item outdoors for cleaning carry it to the bathtub. This will help avoiding a mess.
  • Get access to a rug shampoo that is suitable for your item. Professionals having years of experience in providing rug cleaning services in London suggest you should stick to the instructions of your rug manufacturer while cleaning the item DIY at home. Test the shampoo on a tiny, inconspicuous patch of the rug first. Apply the product and leave it for about 5 to 10 minutes. If the colour does not bleed then it is safe to use that cleaning product on the item.
  • Allow your rug to get dry in a cool shady place away from direct raysof the sun. the place you select for drying the item must have easy and natural flow of air.

Cleaning a wool rug

  • Wool rugs are exceptionally popular because of various reasons. Most importantly the range of products proves to be hardwearing. The rugs also retain their colours well for years together. However you have to adopt a different tactic in cleaning this variety of rugs.
  • Shake out the rug or vacuum it.
  • Prepare a solution with about a bucket full of cold water and any mild, non bio laundry detergent. It is relevant mentioning that carpet shampoo categorically meant for wool rugs is also available in the market. Remember to test the cleansing product first on a tiny inconspicuous area of the rug.
  • Dab the rug gently using a microfiber cloth after dampening it in your homemade solution. You may have to pay more attention to the more soiled zones of the item. Dab it in the direction of the threads. Re-dampen the microfiber cloth time and again in the solution as and when needed. Avoid getting the rug excessively wet. Wool when wet feels much heavier.
  • Once the cleaning solution is applied to all of the surface area of the carpet it is time to refill the bucket with plain water and repeat the previous step. You may use a piece of fresh white cloth this time to remove the cleansing solution from the rug surface. 
  • Once the rug is completely cleaned, blot the rug with a towel cloth or a microfiber cloth to get rid of as much moisture as possible.
  • Do not walk on the rug again till it is completely dry. Hang up the rug for faster drying. But make sure to keep it is a cool shady place away from direct rays of the sun. the place where you leave it for drying should also be well-ventilated.

When you have to clean cotton rug, you should follow the same procedure as above suggest experts with years of experience in providing rug cleaning services in London.

Tips to clean deep pile or fluffy rug

Cleaning a shaggy rug is quite similar to that of cleaning a wool one. But if you want you can use a dry shampoo for it. All you have to do is sprinkle the dry shampoo on the rug. Then use a piece of soft and clean cloth to work the shampoo into the fibres. Then allow the dry shampoo sit on the fabric for at least a couple of hours. run the vacuum thoroughly to clean it up.

Tips to clean jute rug

Rugs made of jute are another popular variety in the market. The assortment of products is earthly toned and looks natural. In fact jute carpets and rugs go fabulous with wooden floors. But cleaning the variety of rugs is not easy. Jute does not respond well to water. Therefore you have no better option than applying dry shampoo in cleaning jute rugs. The procedure has already been explained above. Alternatively you can also get your jute rugs dry cleaned if you do not want to use dry shampoo.

Tips to clean your sheepskin rugs

Rugs made of both sheepskin and cowhide, require specific cleaning techniques. If these proper cleaning techniques are not followed the costly rugs are likely to shrink. Even the fibres are likely to get damaged. This is why professional carpet and rug cleaners quote hefty price for sheepskin and cowhide rugs. However the following tips can help you clean these rugs DIY at home without any damage or shrinkage. But before here are few forewords.

Never use warm water for this range of rugs. Both cowhide and sheepskin are natural fibres. Warm water can damage the fibres. Standard wool detergent is not suitable to clean sheepskin rugs. You must use sheepskin-specific detergent for the purpose.

  • Take a bucket full of cold water and add sufficient amount of sheepskin specific detergent into it. Place your sheepskin rug into the solution. Keep swilling it for about 10 minutes. This helps loosening up the dirt.
  • Squeeze it out and rinse it till a;; the detergent has left.
  • Blot it with a clean and soft piece of cloth, preferably a towel, to remove excess moisture.
  • Hang the hide in a cool shady place away from direct sunlight for air drying. Make sure the place has abundant flow of natural air.

Trained and skilled experts working at the Vip carpet Cleaning London suggest when the item is half dry use a sheepskin brush and fluff the wool gently. Do this once again when the rug is completely dry. Thus your rug becomes clean as well as fluffy again.

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