China Manufacturer Cold Hot Rolled Galvanized Steel Coils High Quality

Cold hot rolled galvanized steel coils are one of the most popular kinds of steel. This type of steel is also called PPGI, HDG, or electro-galvanized steel. They are available in varying degrees of quality and are suitable for a variety of uses.


Hot-rolled steel coil has high quality and excellent properties. It is widely used in the construction, machinery, boiler, pressure vessel, and other manufacturing industries. China manufacturer cold hot rolled galvanized steel coils high quality is available from Delong Steel. It has its own factory and a large stock of steel coils. It”s can offer the best discount wholesale price.

It is important to consider the quality before buying it. The steel coils are often thin and rolled in an incessant manner. They are suitable for outdoor use due to their anti-rust tendency. The thickness and width of the steel coils will affect the cost.

GI steel coils have excellent corrosion resistance and are lightweight. This type of steel is also widely used for home appliances, automobile containers, and other applications. GI steel coils are also easier to transport, saving both time and money. This makes them a popular choice for many projects.

Hot-dipped galvanized steel coils are a good choice for many applications. They are durable, easy to process, and offer high corrosion resistance. Unlike cold-rolled steel, they also have a smooth surface and excellent workability. This type of steel is also cheaper than hot-dip galvanized coils, but has lower corrosion resistance.


Hot-dip galvanized steel coil is produced by the hot-dip galvanizing process. During the process, the coil is heated to 500 degrees and forms an alloy coating of zinc and iron. This coating is durable and good in adhesion, weldability, and corrosion resistance. It is ideally suited for use in kitchen utensils and chimneys. Wanzhi Steel produces various kinds of steel products, including chimney pipes, corrugated roofing sheets, and stove panels.

Hot-rolled steel coils are excellent in strength, processing properties, and weldability, and they are used in a variety of industries. Cold-rolled steel coils are also excellent in flexibility and can be used in a variety of manufacturing processes. Future Metal, a professional steel coil manufacturer with its own factory, offers high quality products at wholesale prices.

Cold-dipped galvanized steel coils are another option. The process involves applying a zinc layer to the steel, using a steel conductor and saline anode. This process is effective for steel coils that require excellent corrosion resistance and processability. In addition, the metal has a smooth surface, and is easy to work with. The surface of the coil is silver-white and has excellent workability. It is also cheaper than hot-dip steel coils.

Cold rolled

China manufacturer cold hot rolled galvanized coils are of high quality and excellent strength, which are widely used in various industries. These coils are also easy to process and have a high weldability. As a professional manufacturer of steel coils in China, Future Metal has its own factory and a large stock to meet all your demands. Moreover, we can offer you the lowest wholesale price.

The main purpose of steel coils is to serve large customers. However, the general user has limited use, and does not usually open the coil. Therefore, these coils are usually rolled for large customers only. In addition, larger mills have their own unwinding and leveling project. The main component of steel coils is aluminum, 43% zinc, 2% silicon, and a high percentage of iron. The coating is then applied according to different environments.

Besides, galvanized steel coils are suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including automotive components and decorative panels. They are also useful for signboards, refrigerators, and display cabinets. Moreover, they are easy to transport, which saves on shipping costs.

Hot-dipped galvanized steel coils have excellent processability and anti-corrosion properties. They can have up to 120g of zinc per square meter, ensuring superior corrosion resistance. The zinc coating is also resistant to rust. The process makes high-quality hot rolled galvanized steel coils a popular steel product that is used in a wide range of industries.


China manufacturer cold hot rolled galvanized metal coils have great mechanical properties and good weldability. They are commonly used for manufacturing industry applications. You can buy steel coils at wholesale price from Future Metal, a professional steel coil manufacturer. It has its own factory, a large inventory and offers the best discount prices.

Galvanized steel coils are highly corrosion-resistant and lightweight. They can be directly used for various products such as roofing sheets, automobile containers, road signs, and even display cabinets. Moreover, they have good weldability and coating adhesion properties. They are also convenient to transport, which saves shipping cost.

Galvanized steel coils are available in different types and prices. FOB prices range from USD 900 to USD 1,300 per ton. The price depends on several factors, including the thickness of the steel coil, zinc layer, galvanizing method, and order quantity. Generally, the thicker the zinc layer, the higher the price. Moreover, coil thickness and width also affect the price. As a result, it’s vital to pay attention to the quality and choose the right manufacturer for your needs.

The chemical composition of the steel is important for its performance. When it comes to hot-dip galvanizing, a quality steel is characterized by high tensile strength and good toughness. In addition, zinc coating is tough and durable, and Wanzhi Steel’s hot-dip galvanizing process produces a zinc layer with maximum thickness of 275 g/m2.


Galvanized steel is a widely used material for manufacturing various industrial products. Its advantages include corrosion resistance, easy processing, and good weldability. The price of FOB steel coils varies according to the thickness of the steel, the type of galvanizing process, and the quantity ordered. Coils with a thick zinc coating are more expensive than those with a thin zinc layer. Also, the thickness and width of the coils will affect the price. Therefore, when purchasing them, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the material and consider buying in bulk.

The process of cold rolling helps to improve the mechanical properties of steel. It can increase tensile strength and yield strength by up to 20%. It also improves the microstructure of the steel. Cold rolling also helps to improve the strength of the steel by eliminating defects. rolling can be used to obtain a lower range of thickness. rolling can also be used to process home appliance steel, which is mainly used for refrigerators and other appliances.

Cold hot rolled galvanized steel coils are used widely in many industries. They have good processability and excellent anti-corrosion ability. Compared to cold-rolled sheets, these steel coils are easier to process and can be welded. Its wide application range makes it a popular product in various industries. At Comic, we are committed to offering high-quality galvanized steel coil at affordable prices.

The zinc coating on hot-dip galvanized steel is thick, giving it superior corrosion resistance. It is also durable and tough. For example, Wanzhi Steel manufactures HDG steel with a maximum zinc layer of 275 g/m2.

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