Best Food in the United States
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Known worldwide, the best food in the United States is a diverse mix of regional cuisines and tastes. From raw fish to Italian cooking, sushi, risotto, and plenty of cheese, American food has become an incredible melting pot of culinary influences. Each year, culinary writers and experts compile the list of the best foods in the country. They consider consumer feedback from social media, state tourism boards, and other sources to determine the list.

Los Angeles

There’s no shortage of choices in Los Angeles when it comes to food. From a wide variety of international cuisines to classic American dishes, the city has something to offer everyone. Vegetarians will appreciate the abundant local produce and seasonings in the city. Many chefs have even adapted meat-and-dairy dishes to be made with plant-based ingredients. At Crossroads Kitchen, you’ll find dishes like artichoke oysters and wedge salad with shiitake pancetta. The menu also features local coffee shops like G&B.

Brunch has gone from being a mid-day meal to a verb. These days, brunch menus feature bottomless drinks and a variety of delectable plates. Weekend brunches are best, as it’s time for a fun-filled day. You can even catch up on some streaming shows while you’re eating.

The fried chicken sandwich is another classic option. Langer’s is a beloved institution in Los Angeles. With an extensive menu, you’re sure to find something to suit your palate. A must-try is the #19 sandwich, which comes on a double-baked rye bun. You can order the sandwich with or without egg custard.


Tempe is home to many great restaurants, but some of the best food in Tempe isn’t found in a typical restaurant. For example, you can find a diverse range of food at the Tempe Food Court, an eclectic mix of Arizona’s top eateries. This unique dining venue is your one-stop shop for takeout, delivery, and inspiration. To get an insider’s look, you can take a free behind-the-scenes tour of the Tempe Food Court.

Tempe has a wide variety of food, including Mexican, Italian, Korean, and Chinese cuisines. Its ASU Tempe campus is home to many international students, and the diverse menus of local restaurants reflect this diversity. Tempe restaurants serve savory, sweet, and even vegan fare. Many are open late, so you won’t have a hard time finding a place to eat.

New York’s bagels

It’s a hotly debated topic, but bagels made in New York are undoubtedly among the most delicious foods in the US. The most famous bagel shop in the city boasts a stand mixer that screams with mania up front, and a disembodied ATM machine hidden behind the counter. However, tourists from Kansas are often disappointed in the toughness and size of the sandwiches. Fortunately, there are now some outstanding artisan bakeries throughout the US.

To make a bagel true to New York style, it should be chewy on the outside and crisp on the inside. The average Joe, however, will have to make his own decision. When Zack moved to New York, he was fed up with being told that he was not eating the best bagels in the city.

The bagel has become an icon of Jewish cuisine in the United States. Its creation is an art and science – in some instances, the process can take decades. It’s important to note that the perfect bagel isn’t simply a product of the dough, but also the water used to boil the bagels.

The secret to making the perfect bagel is based on the water used in making them in New York. The city’s water comes from upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains and travels through a series of tunnels to the Central Park reservoir. This is the source of New York’s unmatched taste.

The infamous bagel began life as an affordable snack for Jewish immigrants in the city. Eventually, this inexpensive snack began to gain more popularity among non-Jewish populations in the 1960s. The resulting bagel has doubled in size and become a staple of New York cuisine. Nowadays, they are available in various flavors, including cinnamon raisin, onion, garlic, and sesame.

When it comes to bagels, New York is the place to be. The ‘everything’ bagel is one of the most iconic foods in the city. The traditional cream cheese is used to top the bagel, and schmear (Yiddish for schmear) is often spread on the bagel. It costs between $0.75 and $1.00. Utopia Bagels in Queens has been serving bagels in the Whitestone neighborhood since 1980. Their bagels are hand-rolled and cooked in a 1947 carousel oven, ensuring an even bake. Although a chain, Utopia has received consistently high reviews. Their bagels can be delivered within 24 hours.

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